These are filmed either at your business or your client's home. 

Your client/customer does not need a script, as we ask all the important questions pertaining to your marketing strategy, that is, we ask questions to get content that will help you brand exactly what you need.

Russ owns a company called Woodrow Technologies, specializing in security cameras and systems for businesses that need top notch surveillance.  This is Brittany, talking about how efficient and awesome Russ is. 

Preferred Foot and Ankle also works with children, we got little Jack in front of the camera to tell his story of healing. 

MIssion Hardwood Floors goes into homes and replaces all of hardwood flooring.  In this incredible exceptional case, Susan tells in great excitement how they removed the wood from the ceiling of an older home she had and replaced all her flooring in her newly built home with her old ceiling!  

Richard talks about 4C Recruiting and how it has made an impact in his life. 

Envita Medical Centers treats Lyme Disease with integrative medicine.  They wanted us to film someone that had been a caregiver to a patient, sharing how Envita changed their lives.

Gary shares with the viewer his experiences with Aveniko. 

Gunnar for PFAS.  In the case of a testimony like this, where it needs to be cinematic, we go to the home of the client and capture his story there. 

Ryan is a 13 year old boy who was very happy with the way he was treated at PFAS in Arizona.  Even a child can tell a testimony in a powerful way.